National New Year tournament

Postavio | 12-01-2017


New Year Celebration on the Lacrosse field On January 1st, we opened up year 2017 in the best (some would probably say “the coldest way” as well) possible way – on the Lacrosse field joined by our friends from Israel, United States, Poland and Slovenia. At FC BASK stadium in Belgrade we welcomed Polish and Slovenian national teams, as well as a team of Israeli and US players led by Scott Neiss (VP of European Lacrosse Federation for Men’s Lacrosse and moving force behind Israel’s National Lacrosse program).

Games were played on the FC BASK stadium while there was also an indoor facility reserved for clinics, food and area for participants to take a respite, hang out and bond with Lacrosse friends from other countries. Event was organized as a round-robin tournament for all teams, although results and placement were secondary to having an opportunity to start the new year in a proper way – playing Lacrosse and meeting new friends, expanding cooperation between Lacrosse programs, showing Lacrosse skills and showcasing that quite low temperatures are not an obstacle for playing this sport. Additionally, Scott Neiss brought all participating programs gifts from European Lacrosse Federation consisting of gear donations that are to help with development of our sport and help more of new players more easily get involved.


We are very thankful to all players who made their way to Belgrade to spend the start of New Year with us, everyone involved with organization (especially Slobodan Melovic who did not spare any effort to make the even organization go as smoothly as possible), everyone who joined us at FC BASK stadium in order to support us and watch us play, FC BASK and their staff for being there for us and lending us their field and facilities, and last but not least Scott Neiss and European Lacrosse Federation for helping us by way of donating Lacrosse equipment to Serbia Lacrosse which we will definitely put to good use to grow the game in our beloved country. Sticks Up! Serbian Lacrosse Association

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